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What i Heart Now: Thimbles

Is there someone in your life who receives the same gift from you every year? Or maybe it’s the other way around – do you ask for the same gift from a friend or a family member every year? For Christmas, Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or just for the sake of building a collection, that person or you receives the same present on every occasion.

That person in my life is Kathy King and that present in my life is thimbles. The first winter after I moved to Philly, Kathy invited me to Stag n’ Doe, a series of Wednesday’s in the suburb of Chestnut Hill where boutiques and shops along Germantown Ave stay open late for holiday shoppers and shopping.  The town may be small but locals as well as locals of surrounding towns turn out in hoards. One such shop on the ave was a community/consignment shop that deep in the back, past the popular items such as vintage purses and shoes, was a collection of thimbles. Old and new, the shop stocked every thimble imaginable. Dupont, Herber Hoover, Singer, Barbie, butterlies – every thimble imaginable. Although Kathy and I had only been friends for a short while, approximately six months, she knew about my obsession with sewing. She didn’t share my affinity towards the hobby as a whole but she did share an affinity towards thimbles. She actually had a growing collection.

We left the store with neither of us not purchasing anything but I went back a week later to buy her one more thimble to add to her collection. Every Christmas since then, I have added one more thimble to her collection.

So, with Christmas coming up, thimbles are what I’m hearting right now.



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    Aggggghhh the clog with a thimble in it! Adorable! The fact that I’m half dutch makes me really want it, lol. I don’t actually have a thimble. I ought to get one! That’s so sweet of you to buy them for your friend 🙂

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      Haha I’m half dutch too and I’m coveting that wooden shoe!

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    What a sweet gift idea. I was just doing a whole bunch of handsewing the other day and was thinking about how I need to learn how to use a thimble properly. I’m pretty sure they would make my life better. Especially if they are as beautiful as these…

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      Thimbles are a thing of the past that I’ve recently discovered. They really do help when hand sewing!

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    Thimbles remind me so much of my grandmother sewing on her old fashion olive green sewing machine, which she still uses today. I especially love the first one! You’d rather get thimbles every gifting holiday, and I don’t mind getting new baking gadgets. It’s the king of things we can never get enough of because it’s a part of who we are.

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      What a great point – it’s a great gift because it’s a part of who we are.

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    Love this gift idea. I have quite a few thimbles from friends but the one I treasure most has been passed down from Great-Grandmother, to my Grandmother to me. It originally belonged to my Great-Grandmother’s aunt who owned a dress shop and used the thimble to make dolls that she sold to raise money for the Underground Railroad during the Civil War. Amazingly the thimble fits me perfectly and I used it every time I’m hand sewing.

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      Wow! You are so lucky to be in possession of an item with such history, especially since that item is sewing related. Thanks for sharing!

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    Miss Crayola Creepy

    Fancy thimbles!

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    i am sooo sorry I haven’t send your crown yet -.- I just could not make my way into the city. But I will send it tomorrow, I promise promise promise!

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    Meg the Grand

    These thimbles are positively lovely!! The butterflies are just perfect really. How marvelous of you that you find thimbles for your friend each holiday 🙂

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    Clare Mountain

    My friend collects thimbles too, and they look so lovely displayed together! I particularly like the first one you picked.

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    Thimbles are so sweet to collect, I love the ones you have shown! I have a few of my grandmothers!

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    Some of those are really pretty!

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    Thank you my dear, dear friend, these are sooo beautiful as are you! 🙂
    I am hearting you right now KM

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    Wow, I never knew that I needed a thimble collection before, but now I’m desperate for one! I know what will be on my xmas list this year!

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