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What i Heart: Peggy Sue Is Back!

Many of you have been on a Mad Men craze (Gertie, I’ve seen what you’ve made). All of your dresses have waists, men, and random onlookers but supposedly this modestly-vixen look is out and a more bobby-socks look is in. Peggy Sue is back kiddos.

I’m a big newspaper reader. In the digital age, I still like the feel of ground up and compressed trees delivered to my door every morning. A recent piece I came across was from the Wall Street Journal. “With corseted waists and pinched-toed shoes, they recall wince-worthy girdles and straight-back chairs,” they wrote, talking about the fitted sheaths that have been popular over the past couple of years. But “the latest sock-hop fashions, which are just starting to come into stores, are forgiving enough to allow a wearer to sit cross-legged on the floor.” Other than during yoga, I don’t sit cross-legged on the floor very often but if the occasion were to arise, I’d be prepared. Jokes aside, this look is right up my alley and it’s not because my waist and hip measurement are the same, meaning the silhouette gives me a shape. There’s an undone simplicity to the look. Paired with an simple tee and flat-soled loafers, like here , it’s as if boyfriend jeans and a cashmere sweater went to have afternoon tea at The Ritz. It’s made-up, in a rich way, but still looks a little frugal.

The article ended with a mentioning of how the trend has spread to lingerie as well. Well, well, well… I definitely already knew that!


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    Carlee McTavish

    Maddie, your “here and here” links don’t work (at least not for me!). That first skirt is swoon worthy!

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Thank you. Not matter how many times I proofread, I always miss something

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    Natasha Estrada

    Love those black and white brogues. Need to refine the derby shoe I started since I think season favors the home shoemaker

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      Maddie Flanigan

      I love reading your comments again Natasha. Glad you’re back to your good ole ways 🙂

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        Natasha Estrada

        Thanks. I had to take a couple of chill pills along the way

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          Maddie Flanigan

          you’re always welcome here 🙂

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    Yay, I love these skirts!! I’ve kinda been wanting a printed midi-skirt like the first one.

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    I love the white brogues, I got a pair and I wear them a lot!

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