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What I heart right now

Aprons. It’s an odd thing to want, even odder than last week’s green nail polish (click here to see) but lately, instead of changing into jammies (that’s short for pajamas) when I get home, I have been wanting to throw on an apron over my outfit and whip up a quick dinner.

Aprons are such antiquated items. They’re somewhat dead as we order in and eat out too many times a week. When we do cook, our homemade meals are prepared from packaged foods. Aprons were once used to cover the pretty dresses women wore (cleaning garments was not as easy in the old days and washing an apron was easier than washing a dress). Pockets were sewn onto aprons to carry recipes and other personal items. Also, and I include this history fact simply because it’s adorable, aprons were, on occasion, used to dry the tears of children (aw!). Maybe that explains my inkling for such an item as of late. Or maybe it’s because Anthropologie sells such lovely aprons that it’s hard to resist not buying one. Or maybe it’s because Threads recently wrote an article on sewing aprons. Or maybe it’s a combination of the three.

For more facts on the history of the apron, click here.


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    Aprons are so cute (and so useful!). I don’t cook as much as I used to now that I have a crazy profession, but as a kid, I had a hideous smock-style apron that was green with little candy canes all over it. I loved it! I have a lovely vintage half-apron that was a gift from a friend– it’s mint green and and made out of the most delicate voile– and I never use it because I’d hate to get it dirty! I’d love to see you make an apron! šŸ™‚

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      I’m sure I would get a kick out of that candy cane apron; it sounds so ridiculously fabulous. I may have to whip up an apron after I finish the dress I’m drafting a pattern for as well and making for two of my friends wedding (one in April and one in June). It will be the death of me but I’ll look smashing!

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    Emma Wallace

    I love aprons! I have a darling cupcake one from Etsy although, I confess, my husband does all the baking AND cooking in the house. But I definitely adore the idea of them!

    P.S. Thank you for discovering my blog! Yours is so lovely!

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      Oh you’re very, very welcome! You’re blog is just as lovely. And for the apron, I love that you don’t bake yet have an apron. Classic! Well at least when the time comes around when you do bake, you’ll be prepared! šŸ™‚

      And Etsy is the best place for anything. Period. The end.

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