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What I Heart Right Now: Flare Jeans

This like deviates from my normal fashion choices. Tapered, peg-legged pants, full skirts, crisp blouses, flowy tees, or any other Grace Kelly type of garment is my de rigueur. But lately, boheme has been attracting me. I’m not the type but I’m wanting to be. Nicole Richie and Katie Holmes pull off flared jeans so impeccably and I want to too (side note: what the hell happened between Holmes and Cruise?). Maybe it’s my longing to look like Mrs. Richie and Ms. Holmes that’s to blame for my lust. Or maybe summertime is to blame – I want relaxed clothes to go along with my lax mood. Or maybe I want some variety to spice up my life. Regardless, I want, I need, I must have. Pronto.

1.Madewell Flea Market Find Jeans 2.True Religion Boddy Love & Haight Flare Jean 3. Mother The Mellow Drama Jean 4. Steve Madden Saahti Sandal


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    I love these sandals!  Flared jeans just seem so laidback and summery– I can see why you’re loving them these days!

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    oh yes! the return of the flared jean! but what shoes do you wear? i always feel like i need to wear heels or else i walk all over the hems…or maybe thats the bohemian way? i just don’t know…
    also – i totally need to catch up on my people and star magazine reading! i usually just get the headlines when i walk by in the grocery store and saw that cruise and holmes are no more!! say what!?!? must find out… 

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    Heather Lou

    Love flares! I got a mint pair of Seven flares secondhand and I lived in them this spring. Re: Katie and Tom – he is gay as the day is long (I have sources who partied with him in the gay club scene in the 80s/90s) and her contract was up. Enjoy your freedom Katie!

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      Lucky you! Mint Seven at a seconhand. I’m totally jealous. Don’t even tell me the price you paid 🙂

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    Rochelle New

    Nicole Richie is super adorable in those jeans! I never got into the super super skinny “jeggings”. In fact, I only own two pairs of jeans and they’re both straight legged. But I definitely was into super flare legged jeans in high school. I should have saved them lol. Everything comes back around. 

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    Marisa Noelle

    I’m so not the type either, but I’m right there with you with wanting to snag a pair of flares like this and be able to look as good as Katie Holmes and Nicole Ritchie in them….hehe.  I used to wear flares all the time in high school – if only I saved a few pairs:)  xx Marisa

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      Flares were big in middle school for me – Abercrombie and Fitch especially. Oh gosh, does that bring back memories!

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    I still have all my flares and still wear them all the time hahaha. I love my skinny jeans too, but flares never went out of style for me 😛

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    If my stems were longer, I would never have left flares.  But the proportions were just never right for me and my short legs.  Nicole Richie is pretty short, though, and all I can say is that it really complements her boho vibe.

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    Katie and Nicole pull them off so impeccably, wish I could do the same.  I usually get bored when I go with the same sty for too long, like skinny jeans, so I’m really liking flare jeans again. Especially with a flowy, white shirt. I think summertime’s to blame. 

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    Kat Sultanie

    Once the baby is here I want to get some highwaisted seventies jeans. I also want some highwaisted skinny jeans from Bernie Dexter. First I have to get back to my prebaby body.

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      Bernie Dexter? I’ve never heard of that brand. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

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    I would love a pair of high waisted flares myself, and a wide brim hat, very boho chic!

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      ooohhh…. wide brimmed hat! I didn’t think of that!

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    Amy Gremillion

    For the perfect boho look, try to find jeans with the name “slim flare” or “skinny flare” – this means they’ll fit slender through the knee and flare out starting halfway down the calf, giving you that long-legged casual look! 

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    Oh, my goodness! The 60s revisted! 😀

    When the wide-flare jeans became trendy, the companies that made jeans were waaaay behind the curve–and denim wasn’t readily available to the home sewer. We used to open the side seam on our jeans and add the additional fabric for the flare. LOL

    Defnitely dates me, doesn’t it?

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    Meg the Grand

    Ooooo….I’ve always been a fan of flared jeans, but have never found an affordable pair that would make my booty look they way I want.  I am still on the hunt – let me know if you end up getting some epic flares and how you end up styling them!

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    Oh those pale wash ones are great! It’s funny how sometimes you get those urges to try something new. These would be so fun with clogs….

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