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What I Heart Right Now: Morganite


Morganite rings are like ruffles for the fingers (if there is one thing to know about me, it’s that I love ruffles). I’m not married or engaged (and I won’t be any time soon) but morganite rings, especially on a rose gold band, have been on my mind lately.

Over the past couple of years, J. Crew has resurged into fashion popularity – and especially into my wardrobe – for dressing up and quirking out basics. Instead of coloring their wares with khaki, navy, black, or white, they used neons, glitter, and stand out prints. One other way they jazzed up their assortment was with their jewelry – gigantic beaded necklaces, chains full of pearls, and heavy bangles. I credit them with inventing “statement jewelry.” Kudos to you J. Crew – you did a great job – but your time is over! Finite. Dunzo. I used to like their jewelry (past tense) but it looks too “branded” to me –  like something I bought at The Gap. I’m now craving jewelry just as statement-worthy but still unique and I think I’ve found that with morganite rings. Peach morganite especially appeals to me because of its color – it’s close to pink but not as frou-frou. I haven’t bought a ring yet but I’m saving my lunch money to buy myself one for Christmas (a gift to myself and from myself. Hell yeh!).

Just a little fun fact – did you know that morganite wasn’t given its name until 1911 when G.F Kunz, a gemologist, suggested the pink beryl (its former name) be promoted to the status of a gemstone and that it be named after J.P. Morgan, a renowned banker and mineral collector?

1. One Garnet Girl Morganite Rose Gold Ballerina Ring 2. Rare Earth Cushion Cut Rose Gold Morganite Ring 3. Sunday Owl Big Mama Morganite Ring 4. Rare Earth Rose Gold Morganite Ring 5. Louisa Gallery Rose Cut Morganite Ring


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    Wow!  These are so pretty!!  I have a feeling morganite will look PERFECT on your finger!  🙂

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    just beautiful! maybe one day when I win the lottery….

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      surprisingly, morganite rings are somewhat affordable. Definitely a splurge but one that won’t have me eating PB&J for weeks

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    Oooh!! I love soft, small gold pieces like your examples here. I’ve been lusting over the entire Catbird NYC website. Your Etsy links are making it even worse!

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      Catbird NYC? What is that? Oh boy, this might be bad…

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    So, so pretty…….

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    I’ve never heard of this gemstone before. I like the 2nd one, if only because it reminds me of my engagement ring.

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    Now I’m over here researching this gem. <3 Thanks maddie!

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    Oh my gosh #1 is so beautiful!

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    Wonder Forest

    those are so pretty! and I hear you about J Crew. I see people wearing that damn bubble necklace everywhere haha.
    xo dana

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    These are absolutely beautiful Maddie! The right touch of uniqueness, softness, femininity, and elegance. The peach color makes these rings feel so romantic, my kind of style. 

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    Antonia Kritzer

    these rings are so awesome :)) <3 I've got a similar one.

    New blog needs love…

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      I’m always up for some blog lovin’

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    They’re all beautiful- but I am partial to number 5! I agree with you, they’re perfect paired with rose gold

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    How cool: I learned something new reading this! What a pretty gemstone. I love it!

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    Shannon Heart's

    #1 is AMAZING!


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    Sewing Princess

    I love number 3…except for the price tag ;o)

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      The price tag on some of them are not so great, I admit. It’s definitely an investment piece but one that I’m willing to spend on.

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    Meg the Grand

    I have never heard of this stone until now – and IT IS SO PRETTY!  I love all of the pieces you posted, and will continue to lust after them, in spite of their price tags 🙂

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    A Splash of Ida

    I am in love with #1! It’s so dreamy and it look so classy.

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    Holly Crawford

    These are all so gorgeous. I think the first one is my favourite! So pretty.

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