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What I Heart Right Now: Overalls

I was seventh-eighths of the way through my workout on Sunday morning when I had the urge to shop. “I want to go shopping and I want to go right now.” This is what I thought and this is exactly what I did. That second, I got off the elliptical, skipped my less-than-meager-and-very-pathetic-bench-presses, and headed straight for Anthropologie and H&M.

I blame the girl in running on the treadmill in front of me for my spontaneous shopping spree. She was flipping through a fashion magazine and had stopped on a page that featured Miroslava Duma wearing leather overalls, a printed tee, and a statement necklace (photo of Miroslava is in the center of the image above). It was so unique, so different, so chic, and I had to have right then and there. I didn’t care if I was sweaty (don’t worry, I didn’t try on any clothes); all I cared about what finding a pair of overalls. Anthropologie and H&M is where I headed, and although the look is very high fashion, I was about to find my own variaton of the look. I was lucky enough to score this jumpsuit (it was on sale and is probably not available anymore, which is why I didn’t include it in the image above) and bought this necklace a tee like this to pair with it. Can I say that this is one hell of an en-sawm -ble?!


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    Kate {A Creative Cookie}

    I get those shopping urges all the time! 🙂

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      I can usually control it but it was bad this time! Luckily, I stayed within my budget!

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    Beth Wood

    What a chic jumpsuit you found! I wore overalls a lot when I was about 19. (Not really sure why…) I’m not sure if I could go back now. But never say never, right?

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    I wish I could see your lovely new overalls, but unfortunately, it just directs me to the european site. I shall just have to trust that they are fantastic! I love the third pair in your collage. The colour is just lovely! It would look great with a stripy t-shirt…

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    Meg the Grand

    OMG FABULOUS.  A completely fabulous ensemble!  Please take many photos of you doing glamorous things in this outfit because I would love to see all of these elements mixed together in reality!

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      You just inspired a future post – I will for sure take photos of this outfit!

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    I totally dig jumpsuits / rompers. Hope they never fall out of fashion. They are the pants equivalent of dresses – one piece and you’re ready to go.

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    I’m really enjoying the fact that overalls are coming back in a chic way! I love your new pair from Anthropologie, now that’s an outfit. This post just makes me want to go shopping, hopefully I a great pair for myself. 

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      I was so surprised that I like overalls too! It is such a unique look, and hard to pull off, but if it is pulled off correctly, DAMN it looks good!

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    Dang girl!! That is one HOT outfit! I love how avante garde it is! Can I also just say that part of the joy of this post for me was the fact that I could literally picture you running to Anthropologie and H&M because I know EXACTLY where those stores are in Philly and often made the journey myself? Is that creepy? Anyway, ignore me and my Philly-love reminiscing! 

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      I love your Philly-love reminiscing! Anthro and H&M are right next door to each other (on Walnut Street) and believe you and me, I was running in between stores!

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    I like your version better, Maddie!

    The jumpsuit is a more unique version of the overalls and at that price, you won’t be upset if you refashion or donate it after a year or two.

    And you’ll be able to cycle the other pieces in and out of your wardrobe for some time to come!

    Do you get the feeling that I’m just a bit frugal?  *LOL*

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      I love a frugal gal!

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    Melanie Stone

    soooo in a perfect world… i’d be cool enough to rock overalls 🙂 

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      Oh please, you’re cool enough!

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    Sandra Stroud

    I had a great pair of overalls in the ’70’s. They were cotton velveteen, deep navy blue with a scalloped bib, skinny shoestring straps that crossed over at the back and big patch pockets. Mind you I was only 7 at the time! But I have often thought of remaking them in an adult version and your post has just reminded me of them again!

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      Please remake them! Velveteen, scallops, and shoe string straps! Awesome!

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    Graebelle Campbell

    We grew up wearing overalls! How great that they are coming back in style!

    The SunKissed Sisters


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    Nikki | The Ginger Diaries

    Oh, how I know the feeling that screams I have to shop NOW! Thank goodness there isn’t aN Anthro around here or I would be broke all the time 🙂 xo Nikki

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    outfit pictures please! those pieces are amazing! you had me thinking about overalls yesterday (luckily i hadn’t clicked on your finds yet, birthday mula is still safe in my pocket), but the only fabric i had of a worthy drape was rainbow striped cotton. i backed away slowly and ate an ice cream bar.

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      I promise outfit shots next week! You just inspired a post!

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    Christina Crooks

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one that still adores overalls. they’re so functional, comfortable and provide that rugged/tomboy style that I love. that white piece from Anthro is beautiful.

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      In my mind, overalls were definitely out of style for a long time but I’m glad to say that they’re back!

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    love this! and love the blog too girl, so cute. i can’t wait to read more! 🙂

    love, rach.

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    OH How I love overalls! I just got a japanese pattern for a pair and am hoping they will come out fine even with the translation. Your white jumpsuit us adorable, can’t wait to see a pic of your outfit put together!

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    oooh i was just thinking about how much i am wanting a pair of overalls for fall. thanks for sharing! i’ll have to checkout your links. xo!

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