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What I Heart Right Now: Slouchy Pockets

All of us love putting our hands into our pockets and cocking our arms back. It’s the perfect picture pose (arms always look skinny while in this stance) and it gives a sense of self-assurance (our pockets are like our security blanket). Pockets are also very easy to change-up, jazz-up, or doll-up. Patch pockets in the shape of hearts that are top applied onto a garment (using leather!) or pockets that are shirred at the bottom add the right amount of panache to any piece of clothing. My favorite way to jazz-up pockets lately is to make them slouchy at the top. It adds coolness to a garment, like a James Dean or a Marlon Brando type of look (STELLLAAAA!!) Pockets like this would look fabulous on a Renfrew or Sorbetto top, don’t you think? Although the drape at the center and top of the pocket is better achieved using a knit, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work well on a woven too.


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    Inna S

    Your diagrams are always so cool πŸ™‚

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      Pretty diagrams make pattern making fun. Not that it isn’t fun but it just adds to it πŸ™‚

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    Once again – brilliant.Β  I will be using this for sure.Β  Thanks for the easy how to.

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    Such a great little tutorial! I love that such a simple little element can add such personality to a piece. Also love the idea of a leather patch pocket… hmmm….

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    I’ve been sketching dresses with slouchy pockets in the skirt all week! Great tutorial!

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    I love slouchy pockets. Fun idea…

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    Really cute!Β  I love these!

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    Love, Carrie

    So lovely! Pockets in my dresses are my favorite…….and these slouchy pockets are devine….love <3

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    Shannon Jordan

    Yay for slouchy pockets! I love them!

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    Marisa Noelle

    I think I would put pockets on every dress and skirt I own if I could. Β The slouchy ones are even better! Β Very clever idea! Β xx

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    Your eye for detail is fabulous! Makes me want to sew some slouchy pockets on something now.

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    la inglesita

    Thanks for sharing! I think it would make a nice detail on my next sewing

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