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What I Made: Ashton


“Simple is as simple does.” Forrest Gump so eloquently stated these lines. Okay, less eloquent, more southern twang.

I think a lot about over-stimulation. Via social media, I am constantly bombarded with images, tweets, posts, texts, yada, yada, yada. My mind is always engaged, scrolling from top to bottom or swiping from left or right. As much as I’m in it and take part of it, I also crave to get away from it. Far far away from it. Increasingly, I want more peace, harmony and simplicity. I only want to surround myself with the people, the places and the things that matter the most and leave me feeling fulfilled at the end of the day. Included in this is clothing, lingerie too. My closet used to be ridiculous, you could even call it ridonkulus. It was so full of crap that I wore once or was trendy. I began to edit with Colette’s The Wardrobe Architect and today, my closet is tiny. Just take a peek here. Only four drawers and one rack are all I got. I love it.

The bodysuit you see today is simple – one bust dart and a fold over turtleneck – but it’s a reflection of what I’m all about these days. Aside from the construction of the turtleneck at the back neck, which is a hot mess and I’ll get to below, you might not think I need to change anything. Agree to disagree. Just like all other areas of my life, there are still things I want to refine. So onward I go, bodysuits like this are coming your way yo!

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Fabric + Trims

Fabric: Black lycra underlined with black stretch mesh, both from Fleishman Fabrics. White cotton jersey for crotch lining, also from FF.
Trims: 3/8” light blue picot/plush elastic from Bra Making Supplies by Arte Crafts.

Pattern + Construction

There were only two changes to the last pattern – the shape of the leg opening and the addition of the turtleneck. The high-cut leg on the last bodysuit is trendy right now, but I hate it. I feel like Bo Derek, Farrah Fawcett or Sharon Stone. So not me. There’s a natural indentation where the leg becomes part of the torso that everyone has that only Photoshop or plastic surgery can correct. Having the leg opening above not only exposes it, but highlights it. Personally, I like the leg opening to hit right at or below this indentation, my favorite leg line being Amber Rosalind. Also, having the leg cut that high, it’s hard to get the pattern to scoop back down and out so that you have enough butt coverage. So basically you get major wedgies.


Have you ever seen a hot mess before? If not, this turtleneck at the center back is a haute mess. It’s 3” wide rectangle that is the length of the neck. I didn’t stabalize it, just underlined with the same stretch mesh as the body. As you can see, big mistake. I showed the bodysuit to a coworker friend and she suggested two options to fix it, which involves 15 denier tricot. I’ll spare you the specifics until I try it out.

All other construction was per usual – leg opening and armhole edges were finished 3/8” elastic with standard application.


I hadn’t heard of Fleur Du Mal before I saw this bodysuit. The brand was founded by Jennifer Zuccarini in 2012, who also co-founded Kiki de Montparnasse. She has an impressive resume – she was the Design Director of Victoria Secret before branching off on her own. Only a couple years old, Fleur Du Mal is selling at top (and expensive) retailers such as Barneys and Neiman’s, and is catching the attention of both lingerie enthusiasts like… me!

The Fashion Spot interviewed Jennifer a year and a half ago, which I really enjoyed reading. Asked what she finds appealing about designing lingerie, Jennifer answered, “I found really expensive lingerie thrilling when I was 19 or 20, the thought of a $100 pair of panties seemed like the most decadent thing — I have no idea why I liked that.” While I’m not 19 or 20-years-old, I connect with that statement. I find lingerie to be decadent – an indulgence – and I still wonder why I like it so much. Come one, it’s not like I have big boobs to show off!

This statement also hit home – “Building a brand takes time. When I started, I wanted everything to happen right away…” Well said, sista! Well said! When I first started opened my Etsy shop, a part of me thought sales would roll in. Sales online and in person have been steady and slow, and I’m completely okay with that. I am still experimenting, figuring things out and finding the best outlets and customers for my line. Also, through my mistakes – because there have been mistake! – I am becoming more efficient. Tracking inventory, analyzing customer feedback, learning about packaging and shipping – it really is a process. But I’m still as passionate about my line as I was on day one. I believe in it – it’s my baby and pride of joy – and will continue. So thanks Jennifer for knocking some sense into me, and reiterating that it’s okay to move slowly.

how to make your own brahow to make your own brahow to make your own bra


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    Abbey (abbeydabbles)

    Ohhh Maddy! This is amazing! Even with the mistakes, it is really nice. But you know, all black or all white tends to make everything look impressive too. I have no suggestions on how to fix the collar, so I’ll just go back in corner and continue being in awe at how simply beautiful this bodysuit turned out.

    • Reply


      Don’t you worry, I’ll be in my sewing cave this weekend trying to fix that damn collar.

  2. Reply


    I love it!!!

  3. Reply

    Pat Roth

    If the bodysuit has snaps, you could make the collar a pullover. Treat it like you would ribbing on a t-shirt. Sew the very top back of the body up so you have about 1/2 inch or so to hide the seam allowance. You would make the collar piece a little shorter than it is now, so it would be just snug. You might have to raise the neckline up a bit, but I’d have to check on that. Let me know if you want more info. Its very cute!

  4. Reply

    Francesca Roqueta

    I love it. Thank you for having such a wonderful blog!!

  5. Reply


    It’s gorgeous Maddie! I would so love to wear this. Especially with high waisted things. The back is my fav part!

  6. Reply


    Once again you take my jaw hits the floor simplicity yet elegant in every way…m

  7. Reply

    Kat @ House of Lane

    This is gorgeous! So simple yet so beautiful. Is this a pattern you will be releasing? I’d love to make a bodysuit.

    • Reply


      Maybe! Right now, I’m working on making a pattern for my favorite halter bra.

  8. Reply


    Simple and beautiful, this is absolutely gorgeous and fits fabulous too. I’d love to rock this with everything highwaisted – shorts, tailored trousers, flared trousers, circle skirt. Great staple!

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