What i Made: Bra and Undie + Giveaway

The things I do for you, my readers. Things like exposing myself on the interwebs by wearing nothing but a me-made bra, undie, and knee high socks sent to me in a care package from another Maddie. Thank goodness I didn’t gobble up too much on Thanksgiving. Just my pride. I chose to expose myself almost in my birthday suit (my birthday is coming up, just an FYI) rather than take photos of my me-made bra and undie flat because I want to show you what it looks like on body. There is a huge different between the two – flat vs. on body.

So here they are, Winnie, a longline bra with demi-cups, wide straps, and an elastic back and Sabrina, a semi-high undie with side panels/princess seams.

I will hold off on explaining Winnie and Sabrina’s construction and pattern making details because this post is about the fabric. A skilled purveyor of Etsy, I have been searching the online retail marketplace for unique and fabulous fabric finds since I started researching and sewing lingerie about six months ago. One such fabric shop I stumbled upon was Pattern Like, a gem of a store that is full of papers, wall papers and vintage fabrics with beautiful and colorful patterns.
When I contacted the owner of the shop, Junette, to say hi and what’s up, we instantly sparked a conversation about vintage fabrics. Also, it’s amazing how bloggers instantly connect with other bloggers – she too has a blog! She hesitated that I could make lingerie from woven fabrics and I assured her you could. To prove her wrong, I asked if I could use fabric from her shop for one of my me-made bras and undies She was totally game. She even offered to give some away to one of you readers

I was hesitant to use fabric without touching, feeling, or stretching it but I was lucky that it worked out. Cut on the bias, the woven fabric provided enough stretch to make Winnie and Sabrina comfortable and wearable. But… I usually choose fabric with a little more stretch (either in the bias or cross grain) and the lack of stretch is this fabrics shows – there are stress lines between the bust and the elastic as back is stretching too much. This is okay thought because other trials using fabric with more stretch have turned out successful, meaning the pattern is correct.

To celebrate the completion of this project, I have two presents for you. One present contains the fabric I used for the Winnie and Sabrina as well as several other ½’ yard swatches of similar fabrics (see image above). The other present  is a $50 gift card to Shabby Apple. Wow!

To enter both giveaways, I made it as simple as possible (please use a separate comment for each entry and contestants must also have a USA shipping address):

1. Visit Shabby Apple and pick your favorite dress (MANDATORY – be sure to specify favorite dress in the comments section)

2.  Like Shabby Apple and Madalynne on Facebook

3. Leave your contact information in the comment

Regardless of who will receive the present, all Madalynne readers receive 10% off Shabby Apple purchases for the entire month with coupon code madalynne10off and all Madalynne readers receive 30% Pattern Like purchases for the rest of November with the coupon code november.

Tis the season for giving!

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  1. Rebekah Ricker Stockton

    I love Shabby Apple and find a new favorite dress each time I visit their site. Right now I’d have to say my favorite is the Tigris dress.

  2. Rochelle New

    AMAZING job on the undies!! You’ve got to start making patterns. I would definitely buy that pattern set. Love the fabric too!!

  3. Miranda

    First of all, this set is beautiful. I love the cuts and the fabric choice. It’s too bad that the stretch isn’t quite right, because the print compliments the style perfectly! Secondly, your room and photographs are just lovely. If you’re going to pose in the nearly-nude online, you hit the nail on the head. And I love your lip color. Finally, my favorite SA dress is the Bellissima. I’ve got a thing for scallops. xo

  4. Miranda

    I already liked SA on FB, and now I like you, too!

  5. Miranda

    Aaaand, my email is livefreemiranda at gmail dot com

  6. hannah

    Cutest set ever! It’s nice to see something totally different than what’s in stores. Also, love the dress that’s hanging on the door

    • Maddie Flanigan

      Thanks! It’s a wedding dress I won at an auction for $87. Am I getting married? No! But it was such a steal!

  7. Ruffles Gazbo

    just saying….you look so gorgeous! and what lovely lovely hair!!
    May i ask where abouts you found both these lovely patterns?

    • Ruffles Gazebo

      p.s. looks super comfy and like something i would totaly wear, and that would FIT ME!! :)

      • Maddie Flanigan

        I draft all my own patterns but between you and I (okay, not really) – be on the lookout for me to release this pattern as well as several more within the next year

  8. Jo

    No entry for the competition- just wanted to say I admire your bravery! And you did it in a classy way too. It looks really fantastic!

  9. Clare Mountain

    Maddie, you are ridiculously talented!! This set is beautiful (and it fits you beautifully!) I love the fabric you chose. If anyone is going to get me sewing my own underwear, it’s you! Very inspiring.

  10. Suzanne

    You are adorable in your new bra and undies! Well done. You make me want to attempt making lingerie.

    I already like both Madalynne and Shabby Apple on Facebook. My fave dress is the Red Queen. You can reach me at sbeaubien (at) gmail (dot) com.

    Love your blog. You have incredible taste and skills!

  11. Barn icles

    WOW! stunning! where can i purchase the winnie and sabrina pattern? :)

    my favourite dress is so hard to choose but it is Aristocrat!



  12. Barn icles

    Plus i follow you both on fb. even liked your page from my personal and barnicles page! hehe

  13. Barn icles

    Barnsworthington at gmail (dot) com . Im in the UK but hope i can enter as i have a USA shipping address at my aunts! please? :)

  14. Elise Lin

    You look gorgeous, and it definitely shows the beautiful lingerie best when you model it. I love how you made the vintage fabric work out. (this is not an entry; I’m from Europe)

  15. Brigid

    My favorite dress is Arripidae!

  16. Sally Keiser

    The Debutante polka dot dress is my favorite!!

  17. Kait

    1. Side saddle is my fave! (Or ferris wheel, or block party, or…)
    2. Liked ’em both
    3. cox08005@byui.edu

  18. Ginger

    Love the undies!! So, so cute! PLEASE don’t tempt me to start sewing lingerie!! There’s not enough time in the day! Oh, well, I should probably just quit my job and sew all day, right?

  19. Norma

    What a lovely set! I totally agree that photos of lingerie are best on the body. It is always a challenge to get great shots of samples flat or hanging.

    When making bras with fabrics with little or no give even on the bias, I usually make a frameless bra – that is there is no band underneath the cups. I use the fabric for the cups, bridge and potentially side frame and then use a coordinating stretch fabric for the band. This approach really simplifies pattern adaptation!

  20. Heather Lou

    Maddie, you are a knockout. THAT SKIN! Jeez louise. And your lingerie set is making me INCREDIBLY JEALOUS. So beautiful (I am obsessed with long line bras these days) and i love how unexpected the fabric choices are. you really need to develop some patterns for selling my dear. We’d all be tripping over ourselves to buy them.

      • Amanda

        Good! I just stumbled upon this and would sew love to try out this design.

  21. sallieforrer

    Wow! You look fantastic – and major props to you for posing in your pretty new underwear! The patterns and fabric choices are adorable. Love em!

    • Maddie Flanigan

      Thanks Sallie… it is not the most ideal photo I want of me on the interwebs but a bloggers gotta do what she’s gotta do…

  22. Diana

    You’re pieces look amazing! You really see the detail in the fabric and your work in the construction, when you have it on. Takes a lot of courage to show yourself like that, you go girl! You have a true gift in making lingerie.

  23. Lauren

    OMG I love your new lingerie set! The style and the fabric – so perfect, and it looks so stunning on you! Those short longline bras are my new favorite thing. I need one (or five) in my life, I think.

  24. Emily

    I love the Panthera dress! It’s truly timeless!

    Thanks for the great giveaway! Your work is amazing!

  25. Erin Williams Bright

    Of course I already ‘like’ you on Facebook and how could I not ‘like’ Shabby Apple? Love the Ms. Porter dress
    Erin / bright9295@msn.com

  26. Erin Williams Bright

    The fabrics are beautiful and make me want to sew undergarments, too!

  27. Allan Tribe

    Are you kidding me?!? This is sensational! And I can’t even BELIEVE that you did it with woven, unbelievable! I’m so inspired! I’ve never ever ventured into the world of lingerie, but this really makes me want to try!

  28. Natasha Estrada

    I’d like to see a close up of the back because like a previous poster mentioned I’d have probably attached a powernet panel or used the main fabric layered over a stretch fabric for the back though that would be a more gathered look at the back. I wish I had kept my blocks from when I did an independent study on lingerie many years ago

    • Maddie Flanigan

      Like I said in the post – I’m saving the details about the construction and pattern making of this bra for another day. This post was about the fabric and thanking Junette for allowing me to use fabric from her shop and give some away

      • Natasha Estrada

        Oh thanks cool :) I’m just putting in my wish list of information

  29. Angela

    Your lingerie looks amazing and fits you perfectly!You have nothing to be embarrassed about! The fabric makes it so sweet and feminine looking I love the shabby apple admiral sailor dress.

  30. Sownbrooklyn

    Beautiful!!! And GO YOU for bravery posting undies pics online ;D

    Btw, I would TOTALLY test sew these for you….but not model them online, lol

  31. Sewing Princess

    Great set. Your skills are really excellent. (just wanted to comment without entering the contest)

  32. Carrie Elias

    omg! you are so stinkin’ cute!!! LOVE this post and your beautifully made undies…..they are so adorable! my favorite dress is *one for my baby*….the pale color is heavenly!

  33. kylaroma

    Maddie, you are so brave, talented and gorgeous!! I knew that when we started working on your blog but… you’ve completely blown me away with this. Thank you for sharing :)

  34. Chrystina Noel

    1) Full Steam Ahead
    2) Done
    3) chrystinanoeldesignsATgmail.com
    PS. You look beautiful in those pictures above. Props.

  35. Amy of Sew Well

    I can’t qualify for the giveaway because of Facebook, but I can tell you that I’m mad impressed with your undies and your courage to put them online. Bravo!

  36. Rachel Harrison

    I love the “Dining Car” dress by Shabby Apple!


    Thank you for the chance!


  37. Carmen @ Forgotten Fancies

    I can’t enter this competition as I don’t have a US shipping address, but Maddie this is the most beautiful set of undies I have ever seen. I am so impressed with your ability and you look so gorgeous in the photos. I think I’m starting to sound like a crazy lady, but really it is truly beautiful. x

  38. Marisa Noelle

    Holy perfection here Maddie! Those bra and panties are utterly adorable and are hands down the prettiest I’ve ever seen!

    As for the giveaway – my favorite dress is the “One for my baby” dress.
    I am a fan of both you and Shabby Apple on FB.

    That fabric is totally groovy :) It actually reminds me of The Brady Bunch (my favorite show growing up) Please take that as a big compliment :)

  39. katherine d

    love love love the extra credit dress

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  40. katherine d

    like both pages on fb

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  41. Finurligefinesser.blogspot.dk/

    Absoloutely adorable :-)

  42. anto

    Wow Maddie, where do I even begin? This set is beautiful. It looks perfectly well constructed (what else should we expect from you? really) with great fit and it seems very comfortable.

    I still haven’t moved past my second muslin with the bra pattern that I was working on months ago. I’d blame it on lack of time (which is half true) but I’ve also been a bit scared of moving forward with it. I don’t even know what’s intimidating me so much. I’m promising myself right here that I’ll really dive into lingerie sewing once the semester is done, so I’ll have no excuses.

    Mad props to you for the photos! You’ve got guts, girl. But it certainly does make a difference to see it on body. Your make up looks so pretty!

  43. Brianna

    Maddie I really love this. Your projects are so inspiring, it makes me want my skills instantly improved!

  44. Emma

    My favorite dress is the Animalia!

    prettoej at gmail dot com

  45. Emma

    I’ve liked both pages on Facebook. Your bra and indie set is darling!

    prettoej at gmail dot com

  46. Anna Depew

    Maddie, the lingerie set is so gorgeous and your photos are so beautiful!
    My favorite thing from shabby apple (though I love all of their dresses) is actually the music hall skirt. Swoon! But if it has to be a dress, it’s Academia. Those sleeves!
    (You know where to find me! )

  47. Anna Depew

    Also I like you on Facebook already :)

  48. Anna Depew

    ….aaaaand and I liked Shabby Apple on Facebook…

  49. Madeline

    I like the Pont Neuf dress the most.

  50. Madeline

    I like you and Shabby Apple on Facebook (FB name: Madeline Brubaker).

  51. Madeline

    Contact info: madelinebrubaker {at} gmail (dot) com

  52. Elizabeth Pearson

    I love the Anamalia dress by Shabby Apple

  53. Elizabeth Pearson

    I already like Madalynne and Shabby Apple on Facebook (Bethany Hale Pearson)

  54. Elizabeth Pearson

    lilbitandnan (at) gmail (dot) com, P.S. you’re the best! I though this was a giveaway for the lingerie at first, and I was thinking, that bra is super cute, I’ll just make myself fit into if I win..Hahaha

  55. poppykettle

    They’re gorgeous! As are you in them :)

  56. Meg the Grand

    These are MAGNIFICENT. Truly the loveliest undergoodies I have ever seen :) So well done!!!

  57. Amy

    hey Maddie, somehow this flew right past my reader. It’s so pretty! Love the closure in the back. It’s so fun to play with bra patterns!


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