PB256211 What i Made: Bra and Undie + Giveaway
The things I do for you, my readers. Things like exposing myself on the interwebs by wearing nothing but a me-made bra, undie, and knee high socks sent to me in a care package from another Maddie. Thank goodness I didn’t gobble up too much on Thanksgiving. Just my pride. I chose to expose myself almost in my birthday suit (my birthday is coming up, just an FYI) rather than take photos of my me-made bra and undie flat because I want to show you what it looks like on body. There is a huge different between the two – flat vs. on body.
undies1 What i Made: Bra and Undie + Giveaway

So here they are, Winnie, a longline bra with demi-cups, wide straps, and an elastic back and Sabrina, a semi-high undie with side panels/princess seams.

I will hold off on explaining Winnie and Sabrina’s construction and pattern making details because this post is about the fabric. A skilled purveyor of Etsy, I have been searching the online retail marketplace for unique and fabulous fabric finds since I started researching and sewing lingerie about six months ago. One such fabric shop I stumbled upon was Pattern Like, a gem of a store that is full of papers, wall papers and vintage fabrics with beautiful and colorful patterns.
When I contacted the owner of the shop, Junette, to say hi and what’s up, we instantly sparked a conversation about vintage fabrics. Also, it’s amazing how bloggers instantly connect with other bloggers – she too has a blog! She hesitated that I could make lingerie from woven fabrics and I assured her you could. To prove her wrong, I asked if I could use fabric from her shop for one of my me-made bras and undies She was totally game. She even offered to give some away to one of you readers

I was hesitant to use fabric without touching, feeling, or stretching it but I was lucky that it worked out. Cut on the bias, the woven fabric provided enough stretch to make Winnie and Sabrina comfortable and wearable. But… I usually choose fabric with a little more stretch (either in the bias or cross grain) and the lack of stretch is this fabrics shows – there are stress lines between the bust and the elastic as back is stretching too much. This is okay thought because other trials using fabric with more stretch have turned out successful, meaning the pattern is correct.

PB276280 What i Made: Bra and Undie + Giveaway

To celebrate the completion of this project, I have two presents for you. One present contains the fabric I used for the Winnie and Sabrina as well as several other ½’ yard swatches of similar fabrics (see image above). The other present  is a $50 gift card to Shabby Apple. Wow!

To enter both giveaways, I made it as simple as possible (please use a separate comment for each entry and contestants must also have a USA shipping address):

1. Visit Shabby Apple and pick your favorite dress (MANDATORY – be sure to specify favorite dress in the comments section)

2.  Like Shabby Apple and Madalynne on Facebook

3. Leave your contact information in the comment

Regardless of who will receive the present, all Madalynne readers receive 10% off Shabby Apple purchases for the entire month with coupon code madalynne10off and all Madalynne readers receive 30% Pattern Like purchases for the rest of November with the coupon code november.

Tis the season for giving!