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What I Made: Bra Making with Madalynne


At every workshop, I feel obligated to wear something handmade or represent handmade in some way. For the first ever Bra Making with Madalynne, I wore a pair of red pants. Those red pants, so appropriately named Wexler Rose, get so much wear. They’re a wardrobe staple that is still on rotation. For the November class, I sported See Kate Sew’s Make Do And Mend tee. Might I add that each student received one too? For the last class, I went the funny route, because apparently, I am funny. I was nominated for the funniest blogger, but I’m still not sure if you’re laughing at me or with me. Who knows!


I’ve wanted to buy a “Okay, But First Coffee” or “Paris Is Always A Good Idea” tee, but wasn’t sure if it was too korny or cliché. I might be funny, but I’m definitely not korny or cliché. Okay, I’m lying. I am totally both, and I totally made a cheesy graphic tee to wear to the class. It was pretty easy to do, albeit tedious. I used transfer paper, an inkjet printer, an iron, a store-bought tee and a graphic I made in Photoshop. Because Bra making is ALWAYS a good idea.

Here’s the kicker – you can make one too! Download the graphic here, then use, borrow, but don’t steal an inkjet printer to print your own. Follow the instructions per your transfer paper to transfer the artwork to a t-shirt (or anything with fabric). The key is to cut out each letter. I know, it will take a long time, and you’ll have to use a ruler to make sure it’s a straight line and the letters are evenly spaced, but it’s totally worth it. You’ll be able to tell your grandkids just how hard you had it.


Also handmade is the coral skirt. I’m not one to get super personal, I have a journal for that, but I will today. Just a little. No tears though. Winter is a tough time for me. The cold, the shorter days, the snow, dry skin, cracked cuticles… what? I take pride in my nails. For real, it’s a struggle to make it to April, and this season has been particularly tough. Actually, it’s been the hardest since moving to the northeast. Maybe it’s the weather, or maybe it’s some personal stuff that has happened recently. Whatever the reason may be, I know we all experience the blues, even the “mean reds”, but it’s a fleeting feeling. Soon, April showers will bring May flowers (see, totally korny + cliche right there) and I’ll be headed to London. I can’t wait. Eeek!

When the Great Blizzard Of 2016 hit (all caps necessary), I was particularly low. It was 20 something degrees out and there was 20 something inches of snow on the ground, and I had to make myself something bright and cheery. Sure enough, I did. A coral pink trumpet skirt using a stretch wool from Emma One Sock. The fabric is divine. Just like the t-shirt, it was a really easy make. I used the same pattern as my sequin skirt, but changed the waistband to the same construction as Colette’s Clover pants instead of elastic. And I made the entire thing using my Spiegel 60609. Gotta hype them up, because I love that machine.

I wore the skirt and graphic tee together at the class, but had a sweater over it most of the time. Regardless, both of these  were well worth it and will get a lot of wear. Next up on the DIY graphic tee queu – #legitbramaker



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    your tattoos look so gooooood

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      I might get more. Don’t tell my dad. Lol.

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        Juju Gago

        tattoos are a path of no return…! much like sewing, i think.
        love mine <3

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        Juju Gago

        your handmade look is gorgeous. as always 😉

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    Liz Karp

    What skirt pattern is that? It’s adorable!

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      It’s self drafted based on my waist + hip measurements. Click back to my post on the sequin skirt to see how I made it.

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    that’s an outfit to scare winter away. i have got to get on that trumpet skirt, your sequin one haunts me.

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    Coral is such a beautiful color on you, and I adore these recent maxi skirts. You look fabulous, darling!

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    Cutie patootie…with an edge! Tats for the win. xx

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    My Handmade Space

    Love the skirt! I’m not a fan of long skirts but this one is very nice. I understand what you mean about the winter… I also live in the northeast 🙁

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      March 20 couldn’t come sooner.

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    Emma @ A Hand Stitched Life

    I’m a big fan of that skirt. The shape and colour are wonderful! Love the quote on the shirt 🙂

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