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What I Made: Lylia

lace bralette diy

I’m kicking off 2016 with the sexiest set I have ever made. Ow ow! Maybe it’s because the temperature is averaging 20 degrees right now and I need some excitement to help a bad case of the January blues. Or maybe it’s because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’m in a romantic mood. Whether single, in a relationship, or in one of those “it’s complicated” situations, some gals hate the holiday. Think it was made up by Hallmark. Not me. I love seeing pink, red, chocolate and jelly beans everywhere. Give me more! Whatever you’re current status might be, celebrate February 14. Get your hair done, get your nails did. Me? I made myself some lingerie. Garter belt included. Because why not? YOLO!

lace bra diylace bra diy


No new vendors, all trims and fabric came from my favorite stores:
White, galloon lace from Bra Makers Supply
White jersey knit (for front bodice and crotch) from Fleishman Fabrics
Light pink picot/plush elastic from Arte Crafts
Strap elastic, rings + sliders, garter belt clips/hooks and hook + eye closures from Arte Crafts


I used two TNT patterns –  Nina/Noelle/Nicole for the bra (changed the back design) and a basic underwear block. The point of making the bra and the panty was to experiment with different ways to use scallop edges. The back of the bra fits, and there were no issues with sewing, but it’s just eh. I’m not the biggest fan and probably won’t do it again. The back of the undies, however, I like! My only callout is that the width of the lace is too narrow. It looks okay in photos, but IRL, major wedgie. Like whoah. I didn’t use elastic for the top of the panty on the front, but did on the back. The back has one continuous strip of elastic that extends from side seam to side seam. It works, but next time, I may add elastic to the front as well.

All construction was the same/standard. The only new technique I used was piecing lace together for the bodice. I will share how I did that in a post later this week, so check back then!

lace pantieslace bra diygarter belt diylace bralette DIY

Garter Belts

So let’s talk garter belts. A do or a don’t? Do you wear them or not? Are they for forplay only or can they be worn for functional purposes? Growing up in Florida, I never wore tights or panty hose. Now, I work for a large retailer, but the attire is not corporate whatsoever. When it gets cold, I wear pants every day. So basically, I have rarely worn tights, which means I have never worn a garter belt. I’m embarrassed to even admit that I didn’t know how to wear one. What are those clips for? There’s a lot to consider when purchasing or buying a garter belt, which I pulled from The Lingerie Addict:

  • Number of tabs/clips should be between 4-8. Four is used mostly for show and 6-8 are used for more functional garter belts. Tabs/clips at the side of the garter help a lot with keeping stockings up.
  • Plastic tabs/clips will probably break or slip during wear. Choose metal if you’re looking for a functional piece.
  • Adjusters on tabs are a must unless you’re the lucky one who is the model/sample size.
  • A wider panel will provide more support.

Garter belts are super easy to draft. I drafted this one by using my waist and hip measurement, dividing it into 4 pieces and then determining the height of the garter/points. Sewing a was just as easy. I serged the panels together, sewed elastic at the waist, and then added strap elastic, tabs/clips and hook and eye. For those of you who don’t want to draft a garter, Raisa just released a free garter belt PDF pattern.

And just for fun and some eye candy, below are my favorite garter belts around the web. Dontcha just LOVE the Mimi Holiday one with stars?


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    Raisa Karim Bhuiyan

    Thanks for the shout out, Maddie! For those of you who want to try out the pattern, feel free to send me any criticisms, questions, or feedback. If you can’t find your size or the sizes don’t work for you, message me and I’ll make you a new one!

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      Happy to give you a shout.

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      Hi there,
      I wanted to check out your garter pattern, but it seems to require a password?
      Not sure if it’s just me, but I would really love to access it!

      • Reply


        Hi. I had to take down to blog due to a stalker. I recommend Ohhhlulu’s garter patterns!

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          Sorry to hear that, but thank you for the recommendation!

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    Chris Griffin

    1) For making life easier: wear the bottoms outside of the garter belt! Then you can take them off or lower them without having to undo the belt.
    2) I’m now leaving to check out the free pattern, I love garter belts and have been meaning to make one. 🙂

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      I read that tip somewhere when I was reading about garters. Sneaky, sneaky…!

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    Love this set! You’re right about how to wear it though. I thought I was the only one who didn’t know how to wear it.

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    gorgeous set, maddie! i have to hear you say “ow ow” in person.

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    I also love this set! But I don’t agree on the back design of the bra though. I think it looks gorgeous and I would love to know how you did it because I really want to repeat that…

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      I drafted the pattern myself using the Pinterest image below. Gotta love Pinterest! I used the height/length of the racerback on Noelle/Nine/Nicole to determine the height and I made the width 2″ wide. Last, I scooped out the top portion for the neck. If you are going to draft it, I suggest making it longer than it needs to be. Then, when you’re ready to attach it to the bra, pin it in place and try on. Cut to size.


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    Beth - Sew DIY

    This is so pretty! I love the cut out in the back of the panties. I’m planning to make lots of new underwear this year. Time for a refresh! 🙂

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      Any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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    Your set is beautiful. I’ve made undies but never a bra. It’s one of my goals for this year. The garter belt is a really nice touch. I’ve worn them a few times when I want to feel fancy or just have a little secret to my outfit. You wear it with stockings (the kind without the “stay-up” grippy strips at the top work best). The clips attach to the tops of your stockings and stop them from becoming puddles around your ankles. I found it took a bit of getting used to since it always feels like your stocking are about to fall off but they don’t. I like the suggestion above about putting your garter belt on before your undies; that would make things so much easier in the bathroom.

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    Rochelle New

    Oh man, Maddie this set is GORGEOUS! Wow.

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    Dari Hernandez

    Maddie, I think you did a fabulous job. I, especially, love what you did with the back design of the bra and the cutout in the back of the panties.

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    Oh I wish the garter belt pattern was accessible still! Lovely set…

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