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What i Made: Mallori Lane

mallori lane-2

What I like most about Merckwaerdigh’s patterns is that one pattern comes with several different variations of essential the same bra. I’ve been toying with my patterns to do the same, so that fronts, backs and strap details are interchangeable. At least somewhat. I really like the cutout back on Nellie Warner, so I tried to recreate it in a different way for this bra, Mallori Lane. I also added a bottom band that channels Fortnight Lingerie. To top it off, I made it with sequin mesh. Every woman NEEDS a sequin bra. Not wants, needs!

I hate to leave you hanging, but stay tuned later this week for an exciting announcement about Mallori Lane!

mallori lane-1mallori lane-4


Front bodice: flat sequin mesh (Jack B Fabrics), underline with matte jersey (Jack B Fabrics). Used temporary spray adhesive to spray baste fabrics together prior to cutting.

Bottom band: 2 ply stretch mesh (Fleishman Fabrics). Used temporary spray adhesive to spray baste fabrics together prior to cutting.

The sequin mesh had enough stretch/recovery to be used on its own, but the wrong side is very scratchy, so I lined with a soft, matte jersey. I’ve worn it on many occasions and the only time I can feel the sequins is when I wear a sleeveless shirt and under part of my upper arm rubs against it, but it’s not enough to cause a rash or prevent me from wearing it.

mallori lane-6mallori lane-3mallori lane-7


3/8” plush/picot elastic at top and bottom band (Bra Makers Supply)
1/4” strap elastic for vertical and horizontal back straps (Bra Makers Supply)
2 metal rings and sliders (Bra Makers Supply)
3/8” channeling for side (Bra Makers Supply)



I drafted the front piece using my measurements and this Pinterest image. It was a pretty straight-forward, simple draft. Because there is no seaming (i.e. cross cup seam) or underwire, this bra is best for chests that have little projection/volume – sizes A-B. Anything bigger and you’d need a vertical or horizontal seam to give shaping.

I’ve made this bra before using scrap fabric from Nellie Warner. The first iteration had a stretch lace trim at the bottom front and three horizontal back straps (there was no bottom band). While there were no issues with the bottom horizontal strap riding up (the vertical straps were only attached to the bottom strap; not the top two), I added a bottom band as an experiment. My thinking was that for larger chests, having that band would serve as an anchor. Between the two, which one would I choose to wear? Probably Mallori Lane.


My standard method of cutting is with a rotary cutter. Due to the sequins, I used my 8” Ginghers. It wasn’t hard to cut, but be prepared for sequins to be everywhere! Even after making this bra a few weeks ago, I’m still finding sequins in various crevices, nooks and crannies.

Sewing sequin mesh was a lot easier than I thought! It’s like sewing knits – once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze! I posted to the Bra Making Forum asking for tips and as always, I received great advice. The biggest being to use a leather or jeans needle so it wouldn’t break. I did and it worked. No broken needles! I was nervous that there would be skipped stitches since it wasn’t a ball point / stretch and my fabric had spandex/Lycra, but there was no issue! After sewing, my biggest tip is when attaching the elastic, do not use any tension, meaning SET THE ELASTIC COMPLETELY FLAT. My first go, I stretched elastic just slightly as I do on most bras, and it caused unsightly bunching/puckering. And no, I did not remove sequins from seam allowance. God bless the sewer who has patience for that! Thankfully, the sequin mesh I purchased did not come undone once I cut.


I love this bra! It channels two of my favorite soft bras – The Watson and Fortnight – but has its own tune. In real life, I wouldn’t channel Mark Walberg a la 1990s and wear my undies hanging out like in the photos.

mallori lane-9-


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    This is so cute!

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    Ali Benko

    You have a gift for making all things feminine! If someone told me they made a sequin bra and panty set, my mind would jump immediately to “disco boobs” but somehow this is beautiful and dainty, well done!

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      Thanks Ali! I’m glad I achieved beautiful and dainty rather than “disco boobs”!

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    What a gorgeous set! I love anything glittery, so will have to make myself a sequined bra too. At the fabric store the other day, I noticed how many new fabrics there are now with thinner, flatter, lightweight sequins that might actually be comfortable on a bra! Great idea, Maddie!

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    whoa! did you get a tattoo?

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      Yes! Ill be sharing that story later this week. Check out IG to see the whole thing.

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    so pretty maddie! if we love walking around in visible me mades, it must feel like a delicious secret to walk around in self stitched undies 😉

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      Sinfully delicious 🙂

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    Ms Cleaver

    Did you use a pattern for the matching undies? – because they’re just the style I’ve been looking for!

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      It’s a self drafted pattern. If you’re my size, id be happy to scan and send it to you.

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        Ms Cleaver

        Thanks for the offer, but I don’t think we’re likely the same size. 🙁 Ah well…

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