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What I’ve Made: Undies and Other Underthings


Maddie, you’re so slow! I know, I know. You don’t have to tell me because I know

While I was home in Florida for Christmas, Valerie, Brandy, Becky, and I collaborated once again for a photo shoot of my most recent creations, which this time, was not a dress but lingerie. Well, the photos are in. Here they are – a matching bra and undie set (pictured directly below), a pair of shirred lounge shorts (pictured directly above), another pair of shirred undies (star print), a sheer white chemise, and a polka dotted romper. All other garments pictured were vintage and rented for the shoot.

As opposed to my previous photo shoots where I modeled all of the garments, I chose to use a model to show you that the lingerie I make fits my body as well as others. This was important for me to demonstrate in the shoot because next week, I just might have a pattern ready for you to download. Might.

I’ll spare you the technical details of each garment today because I just want you to gawk. Beginning next week, I will publish posts for each individual garment that will explain its construction and patterning in detail.

So, start gawking…



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    Lauren @ The Thinking Closet

    I’m so amazed by your talents, Maddie! I am gawking indeed. That polka dotted number is really catching my eye, though! Brava.


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    Natasha Estrada

    I love your panties!

    Oh wait that sounds weird and creepy. Oh wait I AM weird and creepy 😉

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    Hi there! I really love your creations. Those panties are so stylish and vintage!

    Olive xox

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    These are awesome! I’m particularly in love with the chemise and the romper. When you’re using a model, how do you size the garment for them for photo shoots? Do you know the measurements of the model far enough in advance to sew something up in their size (in which case, how do you account for various fitting issues) or do you make it first and then find a model that fits those measurements? It’s just something I’ve always wondered about.

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      Maddie Flanigan

      The modeling process depends and how the garments are handled are different in each case.

      This garment (http://www.madalynne.com/uploads/2013/02/10321_682372133717_7058204_n.jpg) was my final exam where I had to transform a suit into something completely different. Kacey, the model, was a friend I asked to wear my garment in a fashion show after I upcycled the garment. In that case, we had a fitting before the show where I altered the garment to fit her just like a tailor would alter any garment.

      For this shoot, the garments were made after Val, Brandy, and I chose Becky as the model. Becky is a very good friend of mine so I know her general size, which is similar to my size. I wasn’t worried about the garments fitting her because they’re sized to fit many sizes (XS-XL vs 0-14) and the garments are loose fitting enough that if she was in the general ballpark of a size, they’d fit her (the shorts have a shirring ratio of 2 1/2 : 1). The bra is a soft bra and doesn’t have underwire so I didn’t have to worry about the cup/band fitting her perfectly (it’s sort of like a t-shirt – it will stretch to fit).

      If I was drafting with a models measurements, I would make the garment as usual but make sure the garment fit the widest measurement, which is usually the bust or hips. For the first fitting, I would then alter the garment to fit her to a tee. Remember, you can always make a garment smaller, you can’t make a garment bigger (well, it’s MUCH harder to make a garment bigger).

      Does this make sense?

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        Yes, and now I finally know. I should also add that I love the final exam garment you made.

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    Carrie Elias

    Eeek! These are AWESOME!!

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    Bekuh Browning

    Gorgeous! You, your lingerie, your designs. Wonderful job, and the photo styling is perfect. Love it.

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    va va, and voom. beeeeeyootiful.

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    You and your model have the gift of not looking awkward while lounging in beautiful lingerie. I would put it on, admire the fit and the fabric, and then just … stand there. All awkward-like. And say something like, “I’m cold now.”

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    Maggie Smith

    I have been waiting since you teased us a while ago! The shot did not disappoint! Everything is so gorgeous! Can’t wait to read the nitty-gritty details 🙂

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    Anna Depew

    Maddie, these are so beautiful and so are you and your model. Well done you! I love the bra and panties sets but I’m absolutely over the moon in love with your romper design! I hope you release it for download!

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      Maddie Flanigan

      Yes. The romper is in the works. All in time. All in time.

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    Beautiful beautiful beautiful! As of course we knew it would be 😉 The photoshoot went fantastic! You two are so gorgeous! LOVED gawking – so much fun.

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    Maddie!! my goodness, these are absolutely gorgeous. The lingerie is beautiful and the styling of the shoot is fantastic.

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    They’re all lovely! I’m curious as to which pattern you’re potentially releasing. (My fiance will love you if you do–he’s been dropping some really obvious hints that he would LOVE for me to sew some lingerie for the honeymoon if I have time once I finish my wedding dress!)

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      Maddie Flanigan

      I won’t say which pattern or when I’ll release it but I’ll give you some hints. I chose the simplest garment for my first PDF pattern to save my sanity (I was teaching myself how to do this as I went along). As for timing, check back early next week.

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    Amy of Sew Well

    Gorgeous! You always put so much time and effort into everything! Can’t wait to see where you are going!

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    Rochelle New

    Beautiful! I love the softness of the shoot, it perfectly compliments your lingerie. Well done, Lady! Looking forward to more info!

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    the Garment Farmer

    OOOdalali! These do not disappoint! Beautiful garments Maddie. And, what? a pattern?? YES PLEASE!!

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    Oh my god, I hope that bra+panty set is going to be an eventual download because I NEED those like I need to breathe air to live. Madalynne pls.

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      Angie Hickman

      I second that!

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    OHH I love the bra and undie set, so well made and adorable! Everything looks beautiful. So exited about your patterns!

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    Miss Crayola Creepy

    Pleaseeeee tell me you have a download for the polkadot one 🙂

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      Maddie Flanigan


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    Cuuuuuuuuuute! LOVE all of these! And now I’m going to be SO ANXIOUS until your pattern release– can’t wait!!

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    Kate Hager

    gorgeous designs, and gorgeous images! (as always!)

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    lulu wang

    love! You really do have a knack for lingerie design.

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    Good Lord, Maddie. I can’t believe you made these undergarments! SO gorgeous!!!!

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    OMG, what?? Amazingness! :O That’s all.

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    Ooh la la! I love the romper.

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    Christina Crooks

    maddie. you are one talented lady. these photos are wonderful. you may have inspired me to try and make a bra and undies set! congratulations on an amazing shoot!

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    These are insanely gorgeous. You are one skilled lady, lady 🙂

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    Becky Stets

    Very beautiful girl! Nice work!!

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    Ooh la la indeed! And also, great bathtub. How does it feel to be a lingerie model? 😉

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    Rebecca Wagner

    They are all gorgeous! 🙂

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    Looks like a lingerie smorgasbord!!! Nice work, Maddie! 🙂

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    Love the starry knickers! What a great print. Stars are second only to polka dots, in my book.

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    Luci Gray

    Love love love all these 🙂 want them all. Especially the romper x

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    Meg the Grand

    STUNNING! These photos are all breathtaking!! The romper is just divine 🙂

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    Fabulous! Love the setting, the light, the clothing. Great collaboration.

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    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!


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    So pretty! I especially love the first set. The colours are gorgeous.
    Gillian from Glam Up Everyday x

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