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What’s Your Signature Style?

I wrote here that during the week, I am dolled up and dressed to the tee. I wear dresses, skirts, and all things feminine Monday through Friday. I might slip one day (usually Friday) and dress down, wearing a pair of boyfriend jeans or an oversized sweatshirt, but for the most part, I dress the part of a lady, a very cool lady. But what I didn’t mention is that many times I pair my super feminine ensembles with my Converse’s. Yep, that’s right, Converse’s. Not new Converse’s either. My Converse’s are 5 years old and I bought them while waitressing at my dad’s restaurant in college. They’re beat up and have been through many waitressing shifts, shopping trips, and aimless trips to and fro. I even wore them to my dad’s wedding last year (click here to see). Heels or a cute pair of flats would pair well with each one of my girly outfits but they’re an obvious choice. Sometimes I need to add a little personality and flair to my look and this does such that.

My Converse’s are what make me well… me. It’s my style, it’s Maddie (no, my name is not Madalynne). Do you have a similar styling characteristic that makes you… you? Maybe you can pull of the sneaker and dress/skirt combo just as I can. Or maybe you have a signature way of tying a scarf or pinning your hair up? What is your signature style or look?

Oh, and if you’d like to buy that lovely dress and those awesome pair of shoes in the image above, click here and here.


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    I’m totally with you on your style! I also wear endless girly dresses and pair them with tennis shoes. I used to live in Chucks, like you, but recently have been wearing a whole lot of the same pair of grey moccasins. These: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25988340@N08/7169185700/in/photostream

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      Thanks for the photo! I love your moccasins and I especially love those hot pink leggings!

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    Heather Lou

    I love converse. I have more than a few pairs but my feet are quite big and I think they look weird with anything but pants. My style is kind of all over the place but the most consistent themes are vintage silhouettes, lots of colour and lots of secondhand jewelry. And heels. I effing love wearing heels (a cork platform in the summer being my preferred weapon on choice). Thank god for riding bikes. So much easy to wear heels all the damn time. Off to work right now in my lazy just chilling uniform – tights or skinny jeans and an oversize men’s oxford with a vintage scarf and knee high boots.

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      It sounds like you have a chic uniform. Other than wearing all black, leggings, an oversized tee, and riding boots is so chic!

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    I love the idea of pairing an old beat up pair of converse sneakers with a cute dress! My clothing style can change depending on my mood – I see clothes a bit as costumery. But its so funny you mentioned pinning up your hair – because I am either a short (pixie cut) hair girl, or a hair-up kind of girl. I just feel more comfortable and like myself when I can see all of my face and neck. I’ve been in the process of growing out my pixie cut (for the 4th time in my adult life) for the past year and the only thing that makes it bearable is bobby pins. Lots and lots of bobby pins! And when my hair is long I still tend to pile it up on top of my head 6 out of the 8 days a week!

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      What a coincidence that you are growing out your hair after chopping it into a pixie cut. I did the same a year ago (I donated by locks to make wigs for cancer)! It’s now at the point where I can finally have it in a bun and I’m so happy about it. I like having my hair out of my face just as you.

      P.S. I love all your hairstyles in your photos, especially the milk braids. ME LOVE!

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    I miss wearing my converse every day. I loved that habit….it was so me.

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    I lived in chucks in college and especially with long flowy skirts. They lived way past their lifetime, though. It’s fun to think about signature, what makes you “you” throughout time. I definitely think its my hair. I seem to cut it short about every 7 years but it always goes back to very long. It’s up most of the time but I still love having it, even as it greys ;).

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      It’s funny you say that even though you cut your hair every 7 years, it somehow ends up long again because I do the same. I’m currently growing out my hair from when I chopped off about 15 inches to donate it for a wig for a cancer patient. It’s at the point where I can put it in a bun on top of my head and I’m so stoked to have my hair out of my face!

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    oh, p.s. I loved your dress! I’m guessing you took the post down but it’s still in my reader. Absolutely delightful shoot!

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      Thanks! WordPress did something funny with the formatting so I will be rewriting and reposting it this week.

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    Love the dress you wore to the wedding– so pretty! Let’s see, my signature look is what I like to call tomboy chic– I usually wear skinny jeans and I love to wear raglan-sleeved tees or silly little boys’ shirts (with dinosaurs or other print on them). I wear Chucks a lot, and once it’s warm, I live in Rainbow sandals. I like to be comfortable and casual, but try to have a little fun with the way I dress.

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      I’ve seen some photos of your style and I have to say that it is very cool and different. I think you’re the only one that can pull on dinosaur tees!

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    Nowadays I wear a lot of rock-n-roll inspired looks. I usually wear skinny jeans or a maxi skirt, some kind of black t-shirt or blouse, a leather jacket, accessorized with a silver knuckle ring or a skull necklace (more on this to come on my blog hopefully.) However my signature piece to me is my 3/4 sleeve tattoo. Can’t really remove it and it adds edginess to anything I’m wearing (or not wearing).

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      Your tattoo definitely is your signature. It’s the first thing I noticed when I found your blog. Super cool!

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    Love, Carrie

    My signature style is basically flat comfy shoes paired with everything. I almost never wear heels….and I also like to look nice almost every day. Skinny jeans tucked into calf high boots, ankle mocassins with jeans or a short cotton dress, converse with a maxi dress, crochet flats with a men’s shirt layered under a sequin mini dress…..I am also really big on cotton tank dresses….I pair them with all my different shoes, layered with sweaters, cartigans, tights or shirts…..I even wore one when we moved from San Diego to Seattle paired with a chunky sweater and cowgirl boots….super comfy!

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      I like to dress up every day too. Although Sunday’s are my dress down days, I still look put together and decent. Love what you wore when you moved to Seattle. Classic!

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    I have to wear closed-toe shoes at work, which to me meant I always needed to wear pants. For the past year or so I’ve been trying to wear skirts once a week, and I grab a similar style shoe to your Chucks above, only they were a gift from my brother during his trip to Italy. I like the look, and it makes me happy to know someone like you pulls it off every day!

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    It’s been fun reading what everyone’s signature style is! My style is evolving for sure, but I’ve always loved Frye boots, bright colors and lots of southwestern jewelry. I’m currently incorporating more feminine pieces, but I like having an edge. I also love leather jackets.

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    That is so great! I just got a pair of polka-dot converse that I am planning on wearing with everything, including dresses =D Thanks so much for checking out my blog, too!

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