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Your First Bra Story

When Do Girls Start Wearing Bras

I couldn’t tell you how old I was, who I was with, if it was pink or if it had a dinky bow in the middle. Did I buy it or did my mom? Was it soft or an underwire? Lace or Lycra? Yet here I am, at 28-years-old, wondering about my first… my first bra.

I read a first bra story on a forum that made me laugh – a dad told a mom that their daughter’s nipples were showing, and suggested three solutions. To cover her nipples with Band-Aids, wrap her chest in gauze or buy her a bra. Solution #2 = Father of the Year Award. I might have an extra pink, glitter trophy for him.

Do you remember the show, Lizzie McGuire? Disney Channel, Gordo, Hillary Duff… ring a bell? Gordo was such a hottie – I’ve always been into the nerdy types. Well, there was an episode, “Between a Rock and a Bra Place” that was all about first bras. The cool cat in school who hails by the name Jenni begins wearing a bra. Jealous, Lizzie says that a bra changed her, and that if she wore a bra, she would be “Lizzie Warrior Princess.” Yehh girl! Get it!

I asked two girls I work with if they remembered their first bra.

“I could not wait to get a ‘real’ bra! I think I was 11-years-old and I begged my mom to buy me one. Being the little sister, all I wanted was to be older and nothing said grown up to me like a bra! My mom finally gave in and we went to Kohl’s to get the same bra my best friend had. Of course, I was as flat as a board, but this particular bra had just enough shape to it that it fit me perfectly and also made me look like I just barely had boobs. It was simple white, and very soft and comfy. Actually, it is really similar to my favorite bras I still wear. I loved it and wore it practically every day.”

“Like most girls going through puberty, I was not cool with the changes my body was experiencing. It didn’t help that I was the definition of a tomboy. From my short bob cut to my typical outfit of Nike sneakers, athletic shorts and a t-shirt. I had no desire to do my hair, put on make up, or shave, but nothing could hold a candle to the idea of having to wear a bra. No way! I didn’t want to add another thing to my everyday outfit, but when the boys started calling me ‘Kiwi Katie’ I couldn’t help but think that maybe it was time. Thank goodness my mom was/is a saint and made the process as painless as possible. My first bra was a typical bralette made of t-shirt material and was as close to a sports bra as possible. If only I had the opportunity to buy a Madalynne bra, of course without the frills, it would’ve been an even better experience : )”

When Do Girls Start Wearing Bras

I won’t be so bold to say that lingerie can change a person, it certainly hasn’t with me, but it does give a woman an opportunity to experiment her “intimate” side regardless of her public persona. No one else, aside from your pets or your paramour, sees your lingerie. You can be whoever you want to be! When I tell people that I sew, and that I sew lingerie, most respond that they wouldn’t expect that from me. Not sure why, but that’s the reaction I usually get. I’m no secret sex kitten, I just like making lacy things that make me feel good, I can wear everyday, can be cut at my kitchen counter and sewn in an afternoon. Really, my relationship with lingerie is that easy and simple. P.S. I believe that good/healthy relationships should be that way too.

A girl’s first bra marks such a pivotal moment. In addition to a her first period, it means that things are changing, she is changing, and she will continue to change. That’s one thing about life that stays the same – it (life) and your boobs will always change. Ugh! Got lots to look forward to – saggy tatas.

Too young to wear a bra? Such a thing? Say a girl wasn’t showing, but asked for a bra at 6 or 7-years-old? If you were her mother, would you buy her a cami/sports bra and say it’s just a phase? Ahem, a Noelle would be a perfect option. Just saying. Or do you give her the most uncomfortable underwire bra and say, “Here hunny. Enjoy!” Surely, it wouldn’t be long before she stopped wearing a bra until it was necessary. Kids nowadays, they’re just growing up too fast, aren’t they? Thanks Kim K.

Today is just about a hodgepodge of some random, honest thoughts. I definitely want this to be an interactive conversation, so let me hear your first bra story. Did you want a bra? Were you an early bloomer who had to wear one before your friends? When do you think is the right time for a girl to begin wear a bra? Let it all hang out ladies!


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    I was 11 or 12, and I remember my mom saying it was time for me to think about wearing a bra. I was so embarrassed that I wouldn’t even let her say the word. The french word for “arm” is “bras” and is pronounced the same as “bra,” so we would refer to bras as “french arms.” She took me to Kohls to shop, and we ended up with two grey, green, and purple striped jersey bralettes, similar to sports bras. The first day I wore one to school, it felt like the elastic at the bottom kept riding up and I would go to the bathroom to pull it down. By the second day I had gotten used to the feeling. I switched to underwire bras a couple years later because all my friends wore them, but I still prefer soft bras.

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      The same way you felt about the word bra – I still feel that way about the word panty. It’s just so awkward to say. Gives me the heebie geebies.

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        Agreed! I’m an “undies” girl.

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    I can’t remember my first bra, but I do remember stealing my older sister’s soft tank bra to try on when I was in elementary school. I thought it was so uncomfortable!

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      Colleen Lang

      Omg! I thought I was.a.weirdo for always saying “undies”! YAY!I’m not the only one.

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    8 years old, a white champion sports bra. I didn’t want one, but to be physically comfortable in my own body, especially in gym class, I had to wear one. I was bigger than all the other children, and the bra was just a terrible reminder that my body was outside of ‘acceptable’ norms. Now as an adult, plus size bras are still that same reminder: other people can have cute or colorful bras, but if I want one, I have pay a lot of money for something that usually lacks quality or ethics. So here I am, looking at your site to learn how to make my own bras! Wish me luck.

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    I think I was 11 or 12 as well. I was away living with my grandma and my cousins for the summer. My cousin and her best friend and I roamed around all summer. Both my cousin and her friend had their first bras and were already actually growing out of them. I still didn’t have a bra and I really wanted one. At the end of the summer my cousin’s friend gave me her old bra. It was white, wired, cheap and thick. It was tiny but it made me feel like a grown up. I wore that ratty thing so proudly! I am pretty sure I wore it completely out and it was gray and ugly at the end. Funny enough I don’t remember when and how my second bra came in…

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      Miah grace

      My second bra was actualy the most memorable for me! But my first was a story eerily similar to yours, but it was a wireless grey riches sports bra from my oldersister that had been handed down to her as well. (Just think of how many nipples have been in it!). My second came from target and was bright green and blue, and it was only 54 cents! It fit me for about a week and then I grew out of it, I kept on insisting it fit me right and continued to wear it for a year, but eventually I kissed it good bye. Awkwardly enough my older sister gave me the bra she took on her honeymoon to replace it!

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        “Just think of how many nipples were it in” – what a quote!

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    Amelia Larson

    Oh my first bra was horrifying! I probably needed one in fifth grade because I was getting breast buds by then but I think maybe my mom was afraid of me growing up too fast so I didn’t get one til the next school year. By then I had friends who were pointing out that I needed a bra. One day my mom handed me one she had purchased for me. I should explain that I grew up in Southeast Asia and bra fashion at the time was very much focused on hard, (like you could thump them with your finger and they sounded like cardboard!) very pointy bras. So I should have been relieved that she didn’t give me a bra like that! But the bra she gave me was nothing like the lovely, smooth, soft looking bras with pretty bows I had seen in the Sears catalog. It was stark white, with no stretch anywhere and the cups were sewn over with concentric circles which guaranteed they would never look smooth and I didn’t quite fill it out. I’ve never felt so self conscious as I did the next day wearing it to school. And am I the only one who had weird dreams about forgetting to wear my bra to school and suddenly finding myself topless as well‽

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      Sounds like Madonna’s Dior bra, but way less fashionable!

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    Michee Vrtis-Becker

    I honestly don’t remember what my first bra (or really, any early bras) looked like. I have a vague idea of something terribly generic and soft. I do remember being 9 or 10 and the owner of the dance studio I attended taking my mom aside and asking that I start wearing bras to class. I was the first one my age to wear one, and the only one for years. I can remember having a costume when I was 12-13 (and quite solidly an A cup, well on my way to a B cup) and the ONLY girl who had to wear a bra under her costume. The costume had a zipper at the CF and I had to put a safety pin under the slide so it didn’t unzip as I danced. I remember being more annoyed than embarrassed. (Apparently I’ve always had a distinct lack of shame/modesty…)

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      My 12 year old self would have been very jealous. I was flat as a board and wanted to look like all the other girls who were way more developed than I was.

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    Bella Crafter

    My mum decided, when I was about 10, that I needed a bra. She gave me one of my Aunt’s old bras (I really don’t know how she came to have it!). It was white with deep pink polka-dots. It showed through ALL my clothing and didn’t fit terribly well as it would forever just unhook itself whilst I was moving about! I would then keep my arms glued to my side until I could get to somewhere private to re-hook it. When I finally got one bought just for me there was a huge choice of white bras and a very small number of ‘nude’ bras (I wasn’t allowed to choose a black bra as they were not what ‘nice’ girls wore!). At the time it was most definately NOT the done thing to let your bra show – AT ALL – and boy did those white straps keep trying to peek out of sleeveless tops and dresses.

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      That polka bra would so be in style nowadays!

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    I did NOT want to wear a bra. In about grade 8 I caved and started wearing a sports bra for gym, but otherwise why bother? It’s not as if I was busty, and I refused to try on anything that said A-cup, as I didn’t see the point. I got my first “real” (aka underwire) bras in grade 12. I remember one was a sheer white mesh. They never fit very well, but I didn’t know any better. I am completely baffled by my daughters’ insistence on bra-wearing—they both started at like 11.

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      Blame it on social media! Kids grow up so fast today!

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    OMG!!! My first bra story is something else. So let begin.

    So I was about 12 when I got my own bra I was always behind the other girls so that was that. About time I was 12 my boobs started to grow, and i live in arizonia so it was always hot so my mom use to buy me slevless shirts all the time so when I wore 1 my tits would stick out. So now my best friend who is a boy always use to look a my boobs when we talked. This ugly ass boy who liked me alot before went even more bonkers for me. So then I started getting sexually harrased. I was a slim dirty blonde hair girl whos hair was long and I was kind but this guy was a fat ass jerk to everyone who would throw liks if he did not get his way. One day he follow me home. He punched me and draged me to the neartby forest. He made me strip for him. I was raped. So my mom was outraged and got me bras and we moved all the wy to illinios.

    I am 15 now and I am a B36

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