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Your Mallori Lane’s


I released Mallori Lane to gauge if there was interest in simple, modern bra/bralette patterns. It was based on a me-made bralette, and I launched it about a month ago. So far, I am thrilled with the feedback I’ve received, not to mention the beautiful bras you ladies are making! High five, snaps and mad props! YingΒ sewed a black one for her coworker, and eliminated the bottom band for an even simpler design. Marilla and Lauren are two others who sewed their own, both equally fantastic. The sequin version was by Stephanie using fabric I shipped to her all the way in UK.

The biggest callout was that the instructions and pattern didn’t have the nuts and bolts a “real pattern” would. I agree.Β There was a lot that I left out (i.e. notches for strap placement, detailed construction photos, etc.) but that’s because it was simply an experiment/test. I specified that it wouldn’t be included, but I still had faith that any sewer could make it. Stephanie had no bra making experience.

Good news for me and you, I think their is a market and need for these types of patterns. Developing patterns is a commitment, but I’m happy to it on if it’s worth it. It’s fulfilling to see my designs worn by other women. Now, whether I offer home sewing patterns or an actual collection of bras for sale is still something I’m teetering between.

To all the other ladies who have made a Mallori Lane, you rock! Thank you for supporting me. If you haven’t made one, click here to learn more and download the pattern.

And be sure to check out the hash tag #mallorilane and #bramakingwithmadalynne on Instagram for more images!


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    I am in love with all the bras you’ve been posting lately. They’re exactly what I like to wear. I’m definitely going to give it a go.

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    Thank you Teri! Be sure to send me an email with your version so I can include it in the next round up!

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    Hi Madalynne! I am about to attempt the Mallori Lane (I have all my materials and fabric) but before I start cutting: does your pattern have built in seam allowances or do I need to add them myself? Thank you!!

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